Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2 on Penang Street Food

The regular plate cost RM2.80 and the premium plate, fried with duck eggs, cost RM3.50. In 15 minutes, the hawker sold RM32.90. Is that possible?

Note for Parents
Students who are strong in maths have good number sense. They can reason if 2.80m + 3.50n = 32.90 is possible.

Some may reason that since 2.80 + 3.50 = 6.30, there is some chance of getting the 0.90 in 32.90. So is it possible?

Also students with good measurement sense can tell if it is reasonable to prepare 10 plates of the dish in 15 minutes is reasonable. You need knowledge of context in this case. This is also an example of linking mathematics to everyday situations.

Photo | Street Food in Penang  

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