Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 9 on Public Transport

I usually take the taxi to the airport or get a lift / ride from a friend. Today I decided to try the bus and MRT (which is like the Tube in London or subway in New York or BTS in Bangkok). As a result I had time to take three random photo. 

Assessment Item (with technology) |

I left Balestier Road at 0620 and reached Changi Terminal 2 at 0715. The bus ride was 77 cents and train fare $1.21. By searching for further information on the internet, use ratio to compare (a) the cost of using a taxi to that using mass public transport such as the bus and the MRT (b) the time taken using a taxi to that using mass public transport.

In PISA and Common Core (in the US assessment) by two consortiums, technology has even infused into standardized testing. In the example above, students access the internet and have access to a calculator.

A Little Bit of English | Write a story using one or more of the photographs provided.

This is the new format PSLE writing test. Three visuals are given and student can write based on one image or two images or all three.

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