Monday, January 26, 2015

January 27 on Newspapers

I am beginning to miss Straits Times. In UK, I often read The Independent and it is interesting to see who is on Page Three.

Today it is Nicole Pusani who left her exclusive London restaurant chef job to cook in a school canteen.She was a top chef at Nopi in Soho. Now she cooks for 500 schoolchildren on a 92 pence per day per head budget.

Calculate her budget per day.

It is also interesting to follow the education news. "Its findings come as the number of schools converting to academies in the primary sector has now overtaken those in secondary sector - 2299 to 1884.However, because of the greater number of primary school, they are still in the minority in the sector whereas academies account for 60% of all secondary schools."

How many secondary schools are there? 

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