Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 15 on Tomatoes

Tomatoes cost $1.98 per pound. 
How much does 4 lbs cost? | Grade 3 onwards 
How much does 2.5 lbs cost? | Grade 5 onwards

Notes for Parents
Encourage your child to do more mental strategies. Reciting times tables is not doing mental math. 

Hopefully your Grade 3 child will be able to say that it's almost $8 for 4 lbs. Even better if he can say it's 8 cents less than $8. If your child is advanced she should be using clever mental strategies all the time.

Grade 5 children should be able to handle 2.5 lbs. They should be able to say half a pound cost half a dollar plus half of 98 cents. Even better if he can give the final amount as 99 cents for half a pound and 2 cents less than $4 or $3.98 for the 2 lbs. $3.98 + 99 cents = $4 + 97 cents.

Encourage mental strategies in computations of friendly numbers. Use a calculator otherwise. There is no room for tedious computation by hand.

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