Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 20 on Private Club

In Singapore, the ubiquitous hawker centres exist alongside very atas members-only establishments clubs where "a vote at a special general meeting on Monday came out 206 to 95 in favour of counting a member's nationality at the time of joining". 

The maths Is mind-boggling, so are the concerns of the members. You see, in this club "only 51% can be of any one nationality" (they got use only correctly here anot? Standard English - Is only used correctly here?). Then they discovered that, what a surprise, 55.5% of the members are Singaporeans (duh, the club is in Singapore!). That breached a cardinal rule. After much investigation, the mystery was resolved. 292 members were not Singaporeans when they joined but later took up citizenship. With the result of the voting on Monday, these 292 members "went back to retaining their original citizenship at the club" (lol) "This move brings the number of Singaporean members down to 48%, meaning there is now space for 112 more - from a waiting list of 1,301 Singaporeans - to sign up" (lol). Told you it is one-boggling. And parents complain we give problem like 'Ali has four-fifths as much money as Sam in school.' You find more complex stuff on Straits Times. Maths Problem | How many members does this club have?

Oh! By the way the club increased its entrance fee from $35,000 to $50,000 for new members. This gave the club  a $5.6 million windfall. Maths Problem | How many suckers, I mean new members, paid the new fee?

Sorry ah if you are a member and think I am making fun of you. I am.   

Those who can, join the club. Those who can't, make up maths problems about it. 

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