Monday, February 9, 2015

February 10 on Traditional Games

I played this traditional games as a child. With seven tamarind seeds filling each small hole at the start of the games, the goal is to collect as many seeds as possible in the home hole which is to your left. You grab all the seeds in one hole on your side and drop one in each hole (no skipping). Wherever you end you pick up all the seeds in that hole and you continue clockwise, collecting one more seed when you pass your home hole.your turn ends when you land in an empty hole but if that happen on your side then you are allowed to collect all the seeds in the hole opposite where you 'die' - we call that tembak. The game starts with both players moving at the same time but after a while one of them would cease.

At the end of the games the winner is one with more seeds. 

How many seeds does one need to win the game?

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