Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spirit of Helping

Photo: The Soup Kitchen Project
I admire people like Zhoa Fu Xin. The 23-year old foreign worker from China works in Singapore. His story is about it is better to give than to receive because in giving one receives.

This question is based on information about him.

Joanna Seow (Straits Times January 6, 2013) writes:

From 4 am to 3.30 pm, six days a week, kitchen worker Zhao Fu Xin's job is to cook sushi rice.

But on his rest days, the 23-year-od Chinese national is back in another kitchen - cleaning floors while other volunteers like him whip up thousands of free meals for the needy in Singapore.

"When we deliver food to the elderly, I feel that I am doing something very meaningful," explained Mr Zhao, who has been volunteering at soup kitchen Willing Hearts for about  a year, since arriving here in November 2012.

(1) Find Zhao Fu Xin's weekly working hours.
(2) How long has he been in Singapore?

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